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You may end up out of pocket if you purchase a stolen vehicle, even if you weren't aware it was stolen.

Checking a vehicle’s history can be an important step in buying a used car. The DVLA offers a free online service that allows users to check the status of any vehicle registered in the UK.

By entering the car’s registration number, users can get a free online vehicle check from the dvlamotcheck.

You can obtain the following information for free through the DVLA vehicle check:

  • Make & Model
  • Mileage
  •  Engine size
  • Fuel type
  •  Import status
  • First registration date & place
  • SORN status
  • MOT & Tax history and more.

Our premium checks will help potential buyers to avoid purchasing a car with a hidden history at just £9.95. The report will reveal critical information such as outstanding finance, insurance write-off, number of previous owners, stolen record, and much more.

As we source these critical data from trusted third-party providers, we may have to charge a small amount as the info is not provided to us free of cost.

Outstanding finance check

Checking if a car has outstanding finance is important if you’re thinking of buying a used vehicle. In the UK, the DVLA (GOV.co.uk) is responsible for maintaining a database of vehicles with an outstanding loan.

The best way to check if a car has outstanding finance, is to get a vehicle history check. All you need is the vehicle’s registration number, and you can instantly view the finance details, such as agreement date, type, and finance period.

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Insurance write-off check

If you’re looking to check a vehicle’s DVLA MOT status or find out its plate change history, you can do so easily online. Simply enter the registration number to perform a number plate check.

Through a DVLA check, you may determine your vehicle’s Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN). It is essential to check the SORN status of your car if you are buying one for off-road use.

Car owner check

In the UK, there are a number of ways to check your car’s history online. One option is to use our car owner checker. This will give you basic details about the car, including previous owners of a car and ownership change history.

You can view only the current keeper and previous owner information in the V5C logbook. To know more details, please fill out the V888 form via DVLA.

Bike check

A DVLA bike check is a quick and easy way to find out if your bike is insured and MOT tax status. The checker will need your bike’s number plate and will then be able to reveal any hidden history, such as stolen market, write-off, and outstanding finance.

Van check

You can find out the make, model, and registration of the van in a DVLA van check, which can be useful when buying a van.

A vehicle history check can help give you peace of mind that the car you’re buying is safe and has a clean title. At dvlamotcheck.co.uk, we offer a free comprehensive vehicle history report so you can be sure the car you want to buy is registered and legal. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your safety – get a Car History Report today! .

Frequently asked questions

Use our free car check service to find out when your car’s tax and MOT are due. Enter the registration number of your car, and we’ll reveal important information like make, model, and colour, along with the tax and MOT expiration dates.

A vehicle history check can help shield you from cars that have unreported issues, which makes it both important and necessary. Important details, including outstanding financial agreements, theft reports, and write-off status, are revealed by the check. 

Yes, you can frequently confirm a car’s mileage with a free car check. Information on the vehicle’s MOT history, including the mileage recorded at each MOT test, is often provided by the service. You may check if the car’s mileage is accurate by comparing these numbers to find any differences.

Why choose us?

Quick, reliable, and comprehensive vehicle check reports

Our vehicle check reports are fast, reliable and comprehensive, ensuring you have all the important information you need at your fingertips. 

In just a few steps, you will get a detailed report with MOT status, due date, owner history, certified mileage, lack of financing, accident history, and theft status, and you will have access to our service trust for accurate and reliable data you need can provide, delivered instantly for your convenience.

How accurate is the information that a free car check service provides?

Free car check services often provide reliable information taken from government databases, including the DVLA and DVSA. While these services are useful in providing important vehicle information, it’s important to keep in mind that some data may be restricted or not be as comprehensive as can be obtained through a paid vehicle history.

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