Get The MOT Status Of Any Vehicle Along With Advisories And Failures For Free

The Ministry of Transport examination, generally known as the MOT test, is mandatory for every car in the United Kingdom. It is conducted to examine the roadworthiness of the vehicle in simple terms. It tells that the car is safe to drive on the road and for the environment in terms of emission of gases. New cars don’t need DVLA MOT check but once your car gets up to three to four years old ou need to start checking its MOT status every ear regularly.

MOT Status

Vehicles with MOT exemption

If a vehicle was first registered more than 40 years ago and no “significant alterations” have been made in the last 30 years, it is exempt from the MOT. This includes automobiles that were previously exempted because they were first registered before 1960. Large vehicles are subject to different rules.

Why do you need the MOT test regularly?

There are more than 25000 garages with licenced testers all around the United Kingdom who can help you finish the testing process. This test is an extensive comprehension of various aspects, including Exhaust and emissions, Seat belts, Windscreen, Number plate, Lights, Brakes, Tyres and wheels, Battery & Wiring and much more.

Thus, by getting tested, you can assess the current status of your vehicle and make the necessary changes if needed. You have to maintain mot status records. If you need to sell your car, the buyers will check MOT history before buying the vehicle. That being said, by doing a mot check every year, you can take your vehicle confidently to the road and feel safe behind the wheels.

How vital is MOT history for buying used cars?

If you are planning for a used car to be yours, you cannot be too careful with every query and research about the car. A mot history check tells you about the past and present details of the vehicle you will buy.

You cannot always trust the buyer’s words, but a certificate from an authorised person will bring in more confidence in the purchase you make. So make sure you are not falling pre for sweet talks, and false reports always get information from trusted and approved sources.

How to get MOT history for free?

You can get your free MOT history check online. There is a list of companies that will give you a detailed history of any car’s past. Keep in mind While a paper MOT certificate is easy to fabricate, the electronic version available on the DVSA website is more likely to be accurate. The MOT history can likely be checked, as it is simple enough to do for free yourself.

But if you want a resort that tells you about MOT history and the advisories and failures reports, you can opt to check websites such as Car Analytics, where they provide a free report and premium report for £9.95. Do the check once and buy the right car for you.

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