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What does the MOT check include?

Our MOT History Check Provides 30+ data points sourced directly from the DVLA database for any vehicle registered in the UK and Northern Ireland.
MOT due date

MOT due date
Check the date of the MOT test & due date by entering your reg.

MOT status

Current MOT status
Lookup whether the MOT certificate is valid or expired.

Mileage history

Mileage history
Our reports uncover all previous MOT mileage records.

Advisory notes

Advisory notes
Check the warning notes on previous MOT tests.

MOT failures

Refusal notes
Know the reasons for a vehicle's MOT failure.

MOT record

All MOT records
Our reports provide you with the most recent MOT information.

A vehicle’s MOT history can indicate its past maintenance and care. A vehicle with a good MOT history may be well-maintained, while one with many failures and advisory notes may have underlying issues.

Why should I check a car’s MOT history?

An MOT test is a legal requirement in the UK for any vehicle that is over 3 years old. It ensures that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy and is necessary in order to drive, insure, and tax the vehicle. A car without a valid MOT certificate may be dangerous to drive and may need costly repairs. It is important to conduct an MOT history check before purchasing a used vehicle, as it can give you an indication of the overall condition and maintenance of the car. A car with a history of regular MOT checks is generally a good sign that it has been well-maintained.

How can I check MOT history of the vehicle?

By simply entering the car’s registration number, you can access the DVLA records for the car’s entire MOT history and receive an instant MOT check report. Also, we provide details about mileage history as a part of our free MOT check service.
Please also view the complete list of requirements for MOT tests for class 3, 4, 5, and 7 vehicles in the UK by referring to the DVLA MOT Inspection Manual.

What risks are associated with driving a vehicle without a valid MOT?

There are multiple consequences that you may face if your vehicle lacks a valid MOT, depending on the situation. Some examples of these consequences include:

• Driving a vehicle without MOT is against the law, and you could face a fine of up to £2,500, three points on your driving license, and potentially a ban from driving.

• Your vehicle may not meet safety and roadworthiness standards, which can increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

• You may lose insurance coverage if you drive a vehicle without a valid MOT.

• You may have difficulty selling your vehicle if it does not have a valid MOT.

Is it important to do a vehicle check?

A DVLA vehicle check is performed on a specific vehicle to verify its registration status and obtain information about the vehicle, such as any outstanding finance, recorded thefts (PND), write-off categories, the vehicle’s previous owners and the current registered keeper.

car mileage check

Car Mileage Check

dvla mot check

DVLA Mot History

Frequently Asked Questions

With our dvlamotcheck, you can enter the vehicle registration number to get the entire MOT history of the vehicle which includes advisory notes. This report will also include the MOT due and MOT status which you are looking for. As a bonus, you can find all the MOT warnings and advisories of the car.

You can contact the nearest approved MOT center to book an MOT. When booking the MOT test, you’ll need the vehicle registration number and the last four digits of the chassis number (refer logbook). If you book online, make sure you have your debit or credit card with you.

MOT is an essential part of your responsibility. Hence, if you don’t have a valid MOT, then pre-book the MOT test (passed/failed) to conduct the vehicle’ annual check as soon as possible. Once you have a valid MOT, you are free to go anywhere without any worries.

The MOT test is an annual inspection verifying that a vehicle meets the necessary road safety and environmental standards.
The test includes an examination of the following components:
• Electrical systems
• Suspension
• Brakes
• Tyres
• Steering
• Windscreen, wipers, and mirrors
• Seats and seat belts
• Emissions and exhausts
If any issues are found during the test, the vehicle may fail and need to be repaired before being retested.

The cost of an MOT test may vary depending on the location and type of vehicle being tested. As of now, the standard fee for an MOT test is £54.85 for a car or small van and £29.65 for motorcycles. However, many garages charge less than this, often by up to 50%.

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