How Much Does an MOT Test Cost?

How Much Does an MOT Test Cost

When it comes to vehicle ownership in the United Kingdom, one of the key responsibilities is ensuring that your vehicle undergoes an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. This annual examination is essential for vehicles over three years old, assessing their safety, roadworthiness, and emissions standards. Understanding the cost and factors influencing MOT test prices is …

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Importance of goods transport services in today’s global trade

Importance of goods transport se

Goods transport services involve the movement of physical goods through diverse modes like avenue, rail, air, and sea freight, vital for supply chain efficiency. Amidst dynamic worldwide alternate dynamics influenced by way of generation and geopolitics, those offerings facilitate the change of products throughout borders, assisting economic increase. Challenges consisting of change limitations and environmental …

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Car Locksmith Services: Your Guide to Navigating Lockouts and More

Introduction to My Key Locksmiths My Key Locksmiths stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the locksmith service industry, emphasizing remarkable customer satisfaction. With an experienced team of DBS-checked, fully accredited locksmiths, My Key Locksmiths provides expert and affordable locksmith services and security solutions. Operating from hundreds of service centers across the UK, …

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5 Tips for better health and safety in the workshop

health and safety in the workshop

The bedrock of any productive workshop or garage, especially those catering to heavy vehicle maintenance, rests on the twin pillars of health and safety. Whether it’s a professional or a personal garage, safety measures are non-negotiable. Some of the most effective safety actions include proper personal protective equipment usage, chemical handling protocols, structured storage systems, …

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Legal vs. Illegal number plates: How to differentiate in the UK?

Illegal Number Plates

In the UK’s bustling thoroughfares, the unassuming number plate often conceals a crucial aspect: legality. The prevalence of illegal number plates has implications for both vehicle owners and law enforcement. Distinguishing between legal and illegal plates is paramount. What Constitutes Legal Number Plates? Legal number plates in the UK adhere to stringent regulations. Size, font, …

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DVLA Mileage Check – Verify if the MOT Mileage Is Genuine

mileage check

Knowing the vehicle’s mileage history is crucial when buying a used car. The mileage can provide valuable insights into the condition and value of the vehicle. You can use the check car value for FREE to find the accurate vehicle value. However, not all sellers may be truthful about the mileage, so a mileage check is necessary. By obtaining a detailed report of the car’s mileage history, you can verify the accuracy of the readings and uncover any potential discrepancies. 

This can help you avoid purchasing a car with a manipulated odometer, leading to costly repairs and safety concerns. With our DVLA car mileage check service, you can make an informed decision when buying a used car and drive away with peace of mind.


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Police Car Check – How to find if a Vehicle is marked as Stolen?

police car check

Having your car stolen is a terrifying experience. You may be worried about what could happen or who might be driving it. If you think your car has been stolen, the best thing to do is to get a police car check online. There are various methods to verify if a vehicle has a hidden history or is reported stolen based on its license plate.

Running a stolen car check will give you peace of mind and save money. Our report will tell you if your car has been reported stolen or not. These data are sourced from the PNC (police national computer) database. This database will give you information on all the cars that have been reported stolen in the UK.


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Vehicle Insurance Write off Check – Know your Vehicle damage

Write off check

Performing an insurance write-off check is crucial when buying a used car. In the UK, a vehicle is considered “written off” when it has sustained damage from an accident. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the car is deemed irreparable or the repair costs are higher than the car’s current market value, and it is then deemed as “scrapped”. However, in other instances, the damage may be minor and easily repaired.


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