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When you have the correct information, buying a car online and delivering it to your door is simple and stress-free. However, could you identify a difference between the vehicle you saw in the advertisement and the one you received? 

The used car you wish to buy might have an excellent external appearance, but it might contain issues that are only possible to see if you know what to look for.

What does a complete car inspection mean?

A skilled engineer examines the used car you wish to buy during a used vehicle inspection, also known as a pre-purchase car inspection, to ensure it is as described. They’ll perform a comprehensive visual and mechanical check, offering an unbiased assessment of the car’s condition, so you can be sure there aren’t any undiscovered problems.

What is the top website for looking up a car's history?

  • Car Analytics 
  • Total Car Check 
  • Free Car Check

These reports are associated with a car’s VIN or identifying number, and the information is gathered throughout ownership.

Car Analytics

Car Analytics is the best-known vehicle history check company for checking a car’s hidden history in the UK.

There are 4 checks available, from the economic range to a premium report.

Basic Check – £1.99

Single full Check – £9.95

3 complete checks – £19.99 (£6.66/per check)

5 complete checks – £24.99 (£4.99/per check)

Car Analytics

Car Analytics

Imported, Previous Keeper, Plate Change, Colour Change, V5C Count, 5 Band Valuation, Scrapped, Previous N.ireland, VIC Inspected, Engine Number, Last 5 Digits of VIN, 60+ data points

Total Car Check

Written-off, Salvage History, Stolen, Imported/Exported, Scrapped, VIN check, Plate Changes, Prev Keepers

Free Car Check

Free Car Check doesn’t have a basic check but they provide MOT check, Taxed check, performance data, Vehicle Valuation, MOT history details under Free Report

As you can see in the above table, Car Analytics gives more detailed information about the vehicle in a basic check compared to other companies like Total Car Check and Free Car Check.A £30,000 data guarantee comes for all ranges of checks except basic checks, where priority support at an added cost of just £2 will be beneficial if you are looking for an immediate data claim.

A basic check will give you 5 band valuation data which is not covered by other companies either. In a full car check, if a vehicle is stolen, you can get details about the stolen date, reported date, police force and contact number. You can get all this information just under the stolen check.

Overall, one can get 30+ data points for a basic check and nearly 60+ data points in a total premium check.

Total Car Check 

Total Car Check is the vehicle history and data check company that claims to be the cheapest but is different when we look at the fact.

They provide various levels of a check, which are a little bit confusing when compared to others which are as follows:

Silver Check – Starting from £1.99 for 5 Checks (£3.99 for single silver check)

Gold Check – £8.99 for each

3 Gold Check – £14.99 

5 Gold Check – £19.99

Simple checks like mileage and MOT records are included. With a £30,000 guarantee, Gold Full Check provides everything from valuation to write-offs and outstanding finance details. The basic report could not reveal the information about valuation and the v5c count.

Free Car Check 

Free Car Check provides a free report option instead of a basic check and then pushes you to upgrade to a more thorough inspection.

The company’s premium report, which costs £9.95, offers outstanding finance, whether it has been stolen, the number of keepers, mileage anomalies, number plate changes, whether it has been a write-off, and more…

The V5C logbook issued date, number of previous keepers, last 5 digits of VIN, number of plate changes all these information comes under the premium check only which becomes a sad part during a complete car check.

People Also Ask

You should verify the vehicle’s registration to know if a car has outstanding finance before you buy a used car, if it has ever been in an accident, or if it has ever been stolen.

Driving without an MOT is prohibited, to put it simply. When your car is three years old, you can only move it if you go to an appointment-only test at a licenced test facility.

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